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Southeast Alaska Halibut Fishing

Halibut Fishing – In Search of the Barn Door

Many anglers that travel to Southeast Alaska have dreams of catching a “barn door” halibut, one of the most sought after and misunderstood fish in the world. The halibut’s reputation is well deserved, because bringing a barn door to the boat is one of the greatest challenges a fisherman will ever face.

Shelter Cove Lodge is located in Craig, Alaska on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Craig is recognized by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as ranking first in Southeast when it comes to overall ease of catching halibut. In our waters, halibut are abundant and grow to staggering sizes, photos of which frequently pop up on fishing websites and news outlets.

Fishing for Halibut is Not for the Faint of Heart

One of the best aspects of halibut fishing is that you never know when the big one is going to strike. We do everything we can to ensure success by equipping our boats with all of the modern gear and electronics needed to put our guests on top of the fish. From there, you take over.

Our bottom fishing gear is stout and capable of landing any fish that happens to take your bait. Oftentimes, when you hook up on a really big halibut it’s hard to tell at first. You may think you have a rockfish or lingod on the line when the tip of your rod suddenly surges toward the water and you feel the muscles in your arms tighten against the powerful surge.

Catching a Halibut is One of Fishing’s Greatest Achievements

Sometimes it requires brute strength to get them to the boat, and others require a bit of finesse. You might spend 20 minutes hoisting a halibut to the surface, and right at the moment when you first get a glimpse the fish and your muscles rejoice in anticipation of a rest, it swims all the way back down to the bottom. Indeed, this type of fishing requires patience, strength, stamina, and perseverance.

Southeast Alaska Table Fare You will Want to Keep Secret

Even people that don’t like fish will devour a chunk of halibut if you put it on their plate. Many of our guests make the mistake of showing photos of their halibut fishing trip to their friends when they get back home. Once the cat is out of the bag, those friends will demand some of their flaky, white meat fillets, perfectly vacuum sealed and frozen at our lodge.

Join Us for Your Own Southeast Alaska Halibut Fishing Adventure

Are you ready to target halibut and test your angling skills in some of the most productive and unspoiled waters on the planet? If so, come and visit us here in the wild frontier and find out why our fishing has to be experienced to be believed.