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Latitude 55˚ North Restaurant

Shelter Cove Lodge

Shelter Cove Lodge

Alaska Fishing Lodge

Are you ready to experience an Alaskan fishing adventure of a lifetime? Shelter Cove Lodge is located in Craig, Alaska on world-famous Prince of Wales Island. Craig Alaska is a small historic fishing village surrounding by incredible unspoiled beauty. We are proud to provide our guests with quality boats, dependable gear, superior guides, and a top-quality dining experience in our own restaurant. Most of all, we are a premier Southeast Alaska fishing destination capable of servicing 24 to 30 guests.

For more than two decades, our guests have enjoyed a staff-to-guest ratio of nearly one-to-one. You will receive the attention and care you deserve from our friendly staff while you enjoy the unspoiled beauty surrounding our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge.

What draws us to the sport of fishing? Perhaps it’s the inherent simplicity of the sport that we experience with friends and family. For some, it may be the primeval battle between man and fish. Whatever your reasons, join us at Shelter Cove Lodge and test you’re angling skills in America’s Last Frontier.

What to expect at our premier Alaska fishing lodge

Shelter Cove Lodge is located in Craig, Alaska on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. This coveted Southeast Alaska fishing destination is reached by taking one of the shortest flights from Seattle to any Alaska Lodge. Guests of our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge reach Shelter Cove in a matter of hours. Reduced flight time means your ten-hour fishing days do not overlap travel, making for a far more relaxed and productive Alaska fishing trip.

Upon arrival at Shelter Cove Lodge, you will be treated to a modern, spacious room with every amenity included. Your living space will feature two quality beds, a large private bath, microwave oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, television, and free Wi-Fi.

Relax with your friends by one of our massive rock fireplaces in our restaurant or lounge. Soak in the incredible seascape from our oceanfront location. Sit back and watch whales breach and eagles soar among the many islands surrounding Bucareli Bay and the town of Craig Alaska, less than a mile away.


Shelter Cove Lodge’s Latitude 55º North restaurant is something truly unique and extraordinary. You don’t have to choose between a few pre-made meals or a buffet, which is usually the standard fare at most Alaska lodges. You are free to create your own menu or select one of 24 individual full-course dinners that our talented New York chef prepares. His renowned culinary skills will tempt your palate, and full beverage service from our friendly staff will make your fine-dining experience an event to remember.

Alaska Fishing

Don’t forget about the amazing fishing! Our Southeast Alaska lodge is located in the heart of Prince of Wales Island, which is the place you want to be. Our historically productive waters are protected by numerous small islands, which means you don’t have to travel far to find fish. The sheltered nature of the surrounding archipelago provides shelter from rough seas and wind, making your Shelter Cove Lodge fishing trip comfortable and relaxing. It’s also how Shelter Cove originally got its name!

The secluded waters surrounding POW (Prince of Wales) Island allow you and your friends to enjoy incredible fishing. Enjoy camaraderie with your group without focusing on the weather or rough seas. Best of all, your charter will never be shared with another group, allowing you to enjoy an exclusive atmosphere seldom found at other Alaska fishing lodges.

The Shelter Cove Archipelago islands provide hundreds of miles of protected coastline. You and your party will always be able to fish the protected side of an island. Our lodge offers the perfect combination of open-ocean proximity and the inherent protection of the inside waters.

Open-ocean proximity is important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • We can target more species of fish.
  • We catch higher overall fish numbers.
  • We can target larger fish.

Our convenient location next to Alaska’s famed “salmon run highway” creates all sorts of fishing opportunities throughout the season.

If you stay at an Alaskan fishing lodge that only fishes the inside waters or a handful of river inlets, you are limiting yourself to 3-5 runs of fish or maybe even one. If that run is late, early or just doesn’t happen, you are going to have a hard time finding fish.

Shelter Cove is located in a spot where fish come to feed and put on weight. On the outside waters, we target between 150 and 250 different runs of salmon that are passing through on their migration north or south. Don’t limit your opportunities to one or two runs. Come to Shelter Cove and experience the best fishing Alaska has to offer.

Remember: When you’re spending your hard-earned money on an Alaska fishing trip, destination matters!


“It is common for all of our lodge fishermen to limit every day on every available species.” – Shelter Cove Lodge General Manager, Dave Creighton

Always productive and exciting, the waters around Shelter Cove offer a fishing experience like none other. Depending on the time of year, you can target four native Alaskan salmon species, halibut, and steelhead. We also enjoy great bottom fishing for lingcod, yelloweye (red snapper), black bass, and other rockfish species.

When the fishing is done, we custom process your entire catch to your specific specifications. Your delicious fillets are then vacuum-sealed, frozen, and boxed for your flight home in insulated fishing boxes, ensuring it gets to your freezer in perfect condition. Don’t tell your friends about your Alaskan fish or you’ll run out before your next Shelter Cove Lodge fishing trip.

A brief description of the fish you will catch

The most famous fish in Alaska are probably halibut and king salmon, but we catch all of the most popular Alaska gamefish on our charters and by accessing rivers along the local road system. Let’s break down each of these fish.

King Salmon – It’s good to be the king! This is the largest of all salmon, and catching kings is the thrill of a lifetime. Chinooks fight hard, run fast, and will test even the saltiest angler. Kings are also considered to be one of the best-eating fish in the ocean and if you’ve ever tasted one, you probably agree. Our captain’s mooch for kings, which is far more active and exciting than trolling because you feel the bite and set the hook on your own.

Halibut – Catching a “barn door” halibut is every Alaskan angler’s dream. Catching the big ones is definitely fun but smaller halibut are hard to beat when you’re frying up some fish and chips. We bottom fish for halibut using terminal tackle. If you hook into a big one, you’re going to have to put your back into it. Catching halibut is part of every Southeast Alaska fishing adventure.

Silver Salmon – Pound for pound, silvers are one of the hardest fishing fighting in Alaskan waters. They make long runs and jump high out of the water when hooked. During late summer and early fall, Coho action can be non-stop. You will mooch for your silvers and it’s not uncommon for every fisherman on the boat to hook up at the same time.

Lingcod – Some people claim that lingcod’s taste and texture is very similar to lobster. Whether or not it’s true, lingcod are one of the most succulent fish found in the ocean. You may catch lingcod while fishing for halibut. Sometimes Alaska lingcod bite as your reeling in a rockfish, and then hold on all the way to the boat. This means you can sometimes catch a lingcod without even hooking it!

Rockfish – We catch multiple varieties of rockfish while bottom fishing but yelloweye and black rockfish are the most sought after. Some people call yelloweye “red snapper” because their delicate texture and sweet flesh is similar to its namesake.

Pink, Chum, and Sockeye Salmon – All of these native Alaska fish can be caught in saltwater and freshwater, but sockeye are typically caught in local freshwater streams. They all fight hard and make for good eating if they’re still bright.

Steelhead – Prince of Wales Island gets a steelhead run in April, May, June, November, and December. There are more than 50 steelhead streams on POW (Prince of Wales Island), which makes our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge very popular with anglers who consider them to be the ultimate gamefish in the world.

Prince of Wales Island and Craig, Alaska is a premier destination

Prince of Wales Island is only a 30-minute flight from Ketchikan, making it a very popular destination for many serious anglers. The climate is mild on POW (Prince of Wales Island) and the scenery is breathtaking. The island also features a road system that’s longer than the rest of the State’s entire road system combined!

POW’s (Prince of Wales Island) roads make it possible to access many different streams, rivers, and lakes. You can enjoy ocean fishing during the day and freshwater fishing in the evening. Prince of Wales Island has a small population so it maintains the quaint charm most people associate with Alaska. POW (Prince of Wales Island) is also the third largest island in the United States. At more than 135 miles long, there are endless opportunities to explore.

Craig, Alaska has a population of about 1,200. Our town has a proud fishing history, and even the name came from a man named Craig Miller, who built a fish saltery in 1907 on nearby Fish Egg Island. Today, POW (Prince of Wales Island)is Alaska residents still make their livelihood from the sea. Commercial, sport, recreational, and subsistence fisherman all reap the plentiful bounty of the sea.

If you’re a wildlife lover, you’re going to love our Prince of Wales Island

While fishing is always our primary focus, many visitors thrill to experience Alaska’s rich and diverse array of wild animals. Prince of Wales Island remains largely unspoiled and pristine, which means a wildlife encounter is not only possible but likely. What animals should you look for while you’re here? Let’s take a look.

Whales – You’re going to spend a lot of time in one of our comfortable fishing boats, so it stands to reason that marine mammals are one of your primary wildlife viewing opportunities. However, you may be surprised to learn that humpback whales are often spotted from land! Our guests often see whales from our deck and the local Craig Alaska dock is another prime location. Orcas are sometimes spotted on our Alaska fishing trips and it’s a big thrill for everyone on board, even us.

Other sea life – When you’re out on the water, you never know what you may see. Seals and sea lions are commonly spotted, both from our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge and on the charter boat. Harbor seals and northern fur seals are both in the area. Guests also delight at seeing sea otters near the appropriately named Sea Otter Sound near Craig Alaska. Harbor porpoise, Dall’s porpoise, and Pacific white-sided dolphin are often spotted and put on quite the show.

Black bears – Many guests are surprised (and relieved) to learn that there are no Alaska grizzly bears on Prince of Wales Island. This means you can enjoy fishing for spring steelhead without having to look over your shoulder the entire time. However, there is a healthy population of black bears on the island and they are frequently spotted around Craig. There are even some spots where bear viewing is almost guaranteed at certain times of the year, but be sure to practice responsible Alaska bear viewing techniques.

Sitka black-tailed deer – When it’s not hunting season, you can find these deer just about everywhere. They are commonly spotted along the side of the road and even on the road. If you spend any time fishing the local streams and rivers, you will likely encounter a Sitka black-tailed deer.

Other land animals – POW (Prince of Wales Island) is rich with wildlife diversity. You may see river otters, bats, beaver, marten, mink, and even gray wolves. While few people ever see a wolf while at our Alaska fishing lodge, we sometimes hear them howling at night.

Birds – Some of the more common raptors seen around POW (Prince of Wales Island) Island on our fishing trips include bald eagles, golden eagles, goshawk, and osprey. Springtime visitors often see trumpeter swans. There are large populations of puffins that inhabit nearby rocky islands, and some of our fishing guests get to see these quintessentially Alaskan birds.


Join us soon for the Southeast Alaska Lodge and fishing adventure of a lifetime in Craig Alaska. There are a lot of fishing lodges in Alaska, but Shelter Cove offers something uniquely Alaskan. If you’re serious about fishing, every angling opportunity is yours for the taking. You and your friends can enjoy a daytime charter or cast a line into a quiet local stream.

Your backdrop is the unspoiled natural backdrop of Alaska’s most fertile land. Experience fast fishing action by day, and relax in the lodge by night. Our friendly staff will make sure that you have everything you need to get the most out of your Alaska fishing trip.

If you have questions or would like to arrange a stay at our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge, contact us today. We can’t wait to show you the best of Alaska.


You will find all the amenities expected to be found at a full service Southeast Alaska fishing lodge at Shelter Cove.


We target all varieties of salmon, ling cod, halibut, black bass, yellow eye and other salt water fish.

Food and Drinks

You may create your own menu or select any of a dozen full course dinners we serve.

Shelter Cove Team

Shelter Cove Lodge has been owned by Linda since 1999. The enjoyment she found in hosting with a passion for Alaska and fishing were the primary reasons to own a fishing lodge. That reason transitioned into furthering the passion passed to Dave, her son. Dave began his lodge working career in 1996 at another lodge but was invited to help develop Shelter Cove. Dave Guided through his college years at Oregon State University and then took over operations. 25 years later, Dave has now served the Guests and Staff of Shelter Cove Lodge as General Manager and Host since 2006. Commitment to quality equipment, superior fish processing, friendly staff and customer satisfaction has made the lodge the premier destination in Southeast Alaska. Once you fish with us, you will understand there is no better way to spend quality time together with family, friends or business associates using adventure, amazing food and great fishing as the avenue.

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