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Southeast Alaska Salmon Fishing

Southeast Alaska Salmon Fishing at Shelter Cove Lodge

At Shelter Cove Lodge, we are fortunate to reside amidst some of the most fertile salmon fishing grounds on the planet. All five species of Pacific salmon are represented in our waters, which translates into incredible fishing no matter what time of year you plan on visiting the lodge.

Whether you’re travelling to Southeast Alaska for the first time, or you’re looking to try a new Alaskan destination for this year’s fishing trip, you will have an opportunity to target world-class salmon from one of our fast, rugged, and reliable vessels. We provide guests with superior gear, custom built for big salmon that know how to strip line from the spool with ease.

A Lesson on the Fishing

Our professional local fishing guides want you to catch fish. To accomplish this, they will use their experience and local knowledge to put you in the best position to limit out on salmon. Best of all, you get to hold your own rod, hook your own salmon, and reel them up to the boat. At our fishing lodge, we believe that our guests should do the fishing and our guides should do the guiding.

We focus our fishing efforts on mooching, which presents a bait to feeding schools of fish just below the boat. This kind of fishing is action-packed, and sometimes the fishing is so fast that multiple fish are waiting by the boat to be netted. Getting a feel for mooching may take a few casts, but once you become adept at the technique you will wonder if there is any better way to fish for salmon.

Kings, Pinks and Silvers, Oh My! – The Pinnacle of Salmon Fishing

While there are five species of salmon in the waters surround Prince of Wales Island, we will focus the majority of our efforts on the species that are most likely to be schooling and feeding. On many outings we can target multiple species and it’s not uncommon to limit out on everything. Here is a quick overview of our salmon:

King Salmon – These are the big bruisers that reach epic sizes and can run at speeds of over 55 miles per hour. When a dime bright “feeder king” is stripping line from your real on a long run, you will wonder if there is any way to slow them down.

Silver Salmon – Silvers may not get a large as king salmon, but they more than make up for it in tenacity and sheer numbers. When the bite is on, mooching for silver salmon is a workout that will leave your muscles sore and put a permanent smile on your face.

Pink Salmon – Pinks may not get the attention that kings and silver salmon receive, but they are plentiful, put up a dogged fight, and are delicious when caught from the ocean.

Join Us for Some Unforgettable Salmon Fishing

Check out the rest of our website and discover for yourself why our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge is recognized as one of the best in the state. We are eager to have you as guests so that we can introduce you to the best salmon fishing you will likely ever experience.